shotgun choke
Justin Hoffman

Infographic: Effect of Choke on Shot String at Various Distances

Know your shotgun's choke and pattern it for the ammo you'll be shooting.

Whether you chase turkey, duck, or squirrel with your shotgun, or are solely interested in shooting clay traps, understanding how your choke coincides with string shot at various distances is paramount for success. For those just starting out with your first shotgun, this is a handy infographic to carry with you. For you seasoned pros, there's nothing wrong with a quick refresher.

Justin Hoffman

Feel confident in hitting your target now? Knowing your equipment, what it's capabilities are, and being able to judge distances in the field, all go hand-in-hand in making you a more proficient hunter. Because when a tom turkey steps out in front of you at 25 yards, there's nothing more important than making that perfect shot.

Happy hunting this fall season.

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