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Turks and Caicos Island Beach Is Filled with Adoptable Puppies

This island experience is what dreams are made of.

Turks and Caicos Islands are known for being a tropical paradise complete with white-sand beaches and glistening turquoise water, but there's something about the islands many people don't realize.

Located in the Grace Bay area of Providenciales, there's an animal shelter run completely by volunteers. It's called Potcake Place, and everyone there is dedicated to giving the homeless island dogs better chances at good lives.

Called potcakes, the adoptable dogs at the shelter are found all across the island. Potcake puppies aren't a specific breed, but mixed dogs named after the rice-and-pea pot dish locals traditionally feed the stray dogs.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they typically have long noses, big ears, smooth coats, and they're all adorable and looking for a forever home.

The best thing about the dog sanctuary at Potcake Place is that you can borrow puppies to take to the beach with you.

Their dogs are always in need of socialization and fun, and the volunteer staff that run the shelter encourage vacationers to take the pups with them as they explore the island. And if they happen to fall in love with their puppy play date in the process, that's even better!

There is no fee to adopt a potcake puppy, but they do ask for a small donation to help keep the shelter running. Everyone who is at least 25 years old has a chance at adopting an adorable island pup. To make sure the dogs go home with the best new families, the shelter takes screening for adopters seriously.

They want everyone in the family to know that adopting a dog is a long-term commitment. They stress that while the dogs are cute, adopting a potcake dog isn't like bringing home a souvenir. It takes time, patience, and money long after the vacation is over.

Potcake Place does everything they can to give the homeless dogs good lives, and that includes helping adopters get their new furry family members back home.

They have airline carriers for sale and will help arrange transportation to the airport and any necessary paperwork.

If you've ever needed a reason to start planning a vacation to Turks and Caicos, this is it. Imagine commemorating a dream vacation with a life-long best friend. And even if you don't adopt, spending the day with an adorable puppy on one of the best beaches in the world is still a trip worth taking. It sounds like pretty much heaven!

Check out Potcake Place's adoption page to find your future beach buddy and check out the Instagram hashtag #potcakeplace to see some adorable potcake pups in a tropical island setting.

 Do you want to go to Turks and Caicos to adopt an island dog? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was originally published July 13, 2017.

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