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Meet Tucker: YouTube's Famous Golden Retriever

Hailing from Michigan, Tucker the Golden Retriever reels in viewers on his YouTube channel, putting a cute dog spin on day-to-day life as a doggo. 

The USA-based, self-proclaimed bathtub-obsessed Tucker the Golden Retriever is a favorite of dog lovers everywhere. In fact, his YouTube channel, managed by dog mom Courtney Budzyn, who he calls "Linda," has over 3.5 million subscribers. Viewers get to see funny videos of this adorable pup taste-testing food, taking his first lake trip, and even getting married to the love of his life, Journee.

His channel even has the most adorable video of his human mom and dad bringing him home as a tiny little golden retriever puppy. So sweet!

Tucker Even Has A Wifey

Tucker, an AKC Golden Retriever, has the cutest commentary on life events and is rather opinionated about food. One of Tucker's specialties is doing food reviews. The adorable pup and his wife, Journee, participate in the Tucker taste test, trying various dog-friendly foods.

The two of them interacting definitely gets a heart emoji or two from their followers. They really are just the cutest pair of pups.

Tucker and His Puppy Friend

If you ever want to see a jealous dog, put a little puppy next to him. This adorable puppy helps Tucker taste test some hooman foods to see if they will like them. When they get to broccoli, Tucker is kind enough to tell him that it tastes like a "fart." However, the puppy thought it was a prank until he tried it for himself. His meme-worthy face after attempting to eat it was priceless.

How Old is Tucker the Golden Retriever? 


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Tucker was born in May of 2018. Courtney and her husband Mike adopted him when he was a puppy and made him a part of their loving family. Thus beginning his budding career as a social media star. The pup even has his own app!

Golden Retriever's Personality Traits


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According to the AKC, Golden Retrievers are wonderful family dogs. They are ready for any task their owner put in from of them and are incredibly obedient and eager to please. The popular dog loves having a job to do, and many are used as service dogs, hunting dogs, and search-and-rescue canines.

They love to experience life with their owners, and their zeal for fun is contagious. They were originally bred as game retrievers in the 1830s, so naturally, modern-day retrievers love water and playing fetch.

Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?


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Many things that Tucker does can be attributed to good training from Courtney and Mike. Thankfully, Golden Retrievers are pretty easy to train. Since they are a people-pleaser breed, they desperately want to do tasks that make their humans happy. They also are very friendly. The more outgoing a dog is, the easier they are to train. Golden Retrievers are all of the above. These pups want nothing more than to interact with their humans and bond with them. These funny doggos have a zeal for life that makes dog lovers want to spend all their time with them!

More Tucker the Golden Retriever


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Die-hard Tucker fans can get some cute merchandise from his shop, including a t-shirt with his signature phrase, "Hekk You Linda."  You can even get a mask with a pic of Tucker's face on it!

If you can't get enough of Tucker and his human, you can follow them on TikTok, Instagram, and their Facebook page. There isn't a corner of social media that this funny dog and his friends haven't touched.

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