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Secret's Out! Yoga Dog Practices With Her Owner

In a viral video trending on social media, Secret the yoga dog sets the dog standard for cool. 

Most pet owners are thrilled if they got their puppy to play fetch properly during the pandemic. However, the bar for doggy tricks has been set pretty high with Secret the yoga dog. The Australian Shepherd's owner Mary Peters posted the video on her Instagram account, @my_aussie_gal, showing the duo on yoga mats doing an entire yoga routine.

It helps that basketball player Rex Chapman shared the video on his Twitter account, giving the doggie a leg up, giving netizens everywhere a glimpse at this adorable puppers.

Rocking the Yoga Dog Moves

The dog Secret even rolls out her own yoga mat before performing the simple yoga moves. She even nails the downward dog pose! The pairs yoga session is nothing short of amazing. Mary also has other dog videos on the page of her and the amazing doggo, doing more advanced yoga poses, even a web series of videos of the pair working through a routine together.

Mary originally got Secret as a service dog after she was diagnosed with autism. The shepherd-border collie mix has become a fixture in her life and has allowed her to teach Secret many different skills. Pics on Mary's Instagram show the dog dancing, painting, and of course, doing more yoga. I don't know about y'all, but this pup is definitely more talented than my dog!

A Popular Practice 

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Dog yoga or doga has become a popular practice for many pet owners and their dogs, primarily due to lockdowns worldwide as a result of the coronavirus. The practice of dog yoga actually began a long time before COVID was even a thing. The practice began in the United States in 2003 and became a worldwide phenomenon within a couple of years. Pets can be trained to do just about anything with the right motivation and treats! But training dogs to do yoga or cute dance moves takes a lot of practice and patience on your part.

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