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The Best Tripod Tree Stands To Hunt Deer With This Season

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When it comes to hunting game at a secure, elevated position, a tripod tree stand is a versatile option for any deer hunter. While hang-ons, climbers, and ladder stands require just the right tree for an ideal setup, tripod stands allow sportsmen to hunt in clearings and other areas without beeches or oaks to climb up. If you've ever known the frustration of locating lots of deer signs but seeing zero places to hang a stand, consider investing in a tripod option. Ground blinds can work in many situations, but sometimes you need the height to achieve the best view, and box blinds don't offer the same ease of setup or portability as a good tripod tree stand.

Consider our top three picks that come in at a variety of price points:

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1. This Sturdy Option Under $250

Game Winner Tripod Hunting Stand - Academy, $229.99

The Game Winner 10-Foot Tripod Hunting Stand from Academy Sports + Outdoors accommodates both bows and firearms, and has a rotating mesh seat that rotates 360-degrees around. It has a rust-resistant, powder-coated finish and 13-inch steps for easy climbing. We like that this also comes with ground stakes for extra security, and the seat is height-adjustable. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

2. An Option That Stands 13 Feet Tall


 The Apex Tripod Stand - Cabela's, $299.99

The Apex Tripod Stand stands 13 feet tall, and both the seat and shooting rail rotate 360-degrees. This can also accommodate bowhunters as the rail flips out, or you can choose to remove it completely. It also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. We like that the seat has a comfortable and padded back rest, and reviewers say it's easy to assemble, too.

3. A Tripod Tree Stand That Fits Two People

Bass Pro Shops

Muddy The Quad 2-Person Hunting Stand - Bass Pro Shops, $469.99

This Muddy Quad Tripod Tree Stand can accommodate two people with plenty of room, and features two seats that both swivel at 360-degrees. The stand is 12 feet tall and has a padded shooting rail that surrounds the entire 57 square-inch platform (which means while it's great for shooting, it's not ideal for bow-hunting). It works well for colder weather, too, because the roomy seats will accommodate heavier winter gear.

What to Look for when Buying a Tripod Treestand

Just like guns and other gear, the tripod stand you choose could make or break your hunting season. When looking for the best, we wanted to source options that met the following criteria:

  1. 360-Degree Views: What tripod stands offers most that other options don't is the ability to spot bucks sneaking in from every direction. Look for one that features a swivel seat for a full 360-degree view, and make sure it's quiet.
  2. Comfort: If you stand any chance of pulling all-day sits during the rut, your tripod stand has to be comfortable. Choose one with features like a backrest, armrest, or a padded shooting rail. If you'll be climbing into your tripod during archery season, just be sure to consider how the shooting rail setup will affect your ability to draw and shoot while bowhunting.
  3. Concealment: Setting up a tripod without the cover of trees means you've got little in the way of concealment while deer hunting. Consider one with a that can quickly convert to a camo tower hunting blind when needed.
  4. Quality: Without the added stability of a tree, tripod stands need to be extra-sturdy. Invest in a heavy-duty tripod that offers durability without adding too much weight for the safest set-up.