Best Ladder Treestands

6 of the Best Ladder Treestands You Can Buy


Here are six of the best ladder treestands available, taking into account a myriad of features.

For so many of us, a ladder treestand is the ideal option for hunting once the season comes around.

First of all, let us just say this: making a list of the best ladder treestands is purely subjective. Short of buying, say, 10-15 various versions of them, taking them all into the woods, and hunting out of them, we wanted to provide some insight as to what you can find for reasonable costs.

The logistics are difficult to say the least, so it then behooves us to look at as many different versions that we can find, and inspecting the reviews to see where they take us. Even at that, there are as many ladder treestand brands as there are different shotguns, and everyone has their favorite.

It may even more apropos to ask what features make the best ladder treestand, and at what price? It definitely comes down to choice, so what we're going to do is to try and make that choice a little easier for you.


With attributes like a shooting rail, padded armrests, backrests, weight capacity, platform size, ratchet straps, seat size, and certainly height from the ground, a ladder treestand should be as comfortable as it is functional.

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk 20' Two Man Ladderstand

This stand weighs in at 122 pounds, so you're going to need some help placing it, but there are several reasons why this stand can be key to taking your deer. It has a 500-pound weight capacity; having two people in it goes without saying. In reality, a two-man stand can be the epitome of comfort for one hunter, since it gives extra room for a variety of gear and movement, plus it makes an entire day of hunting much more feasible.


The Jayhawk comes with two full body harnesses, a whopping 42-inch wide deck, and is 20 feet from the ground to the shooting rail.

Muddy Skybox Deluxe Ladder Stand

The Muddy Skybox is another stand that secures to the tree 20 feet from the ground to the shooting bar. It is made with a heavy duty, solidly-built steel construction that has a very tight design but requires some assembly experience.

Some of the best features are the silencers and padded shooting rail to keep noise to a minimum, along with the flip-up footrest. This system includes a full body harness with a suspension relief device, but interestingly enough, the ratchet straps are sold separately. It's valued online at $209.99.


Millennium 21' Single Ladder Stand

The deck on this Millennium stand is 20 inches wide and 32 inches deep, which is plenty of size for just about anyone to stand and stretch while still feeling safe at 21 feet off of the ground. It includes a fold-up foot rest, an adjustable padded shooting rail and ergonomic armrests, and rigid double ladder rails.

This ladderstand includes a full body harness with a suspension relief device and a weight limit of 300 pounds, so even the big boys can use one. Cabela's has them for $329.99.

Muddy Stronghold 2.5 XTL 2-Man Ladder Stand


As a two-person treestand, this one has a full 500-pound weight capacity, so it can easily be used by two large adults. It's also great for an adult and a child, or as a one-man stand with a load of comfort and space.

It is not as high as some other stands--only 18 feet to the shooting rail--but it has a rock solid tree locking system to ensure safety. It uses silencing technology to keep game animals from hearing you, and padded Flex-Tek seats and armrests to keep you comfortable all day.

This ladder treestand also comes with two drink holders and two accessory hooks to hold more of your gear. It does not list a fall arrest system in its description, so you'll want to get your own. You can buy it for $269.99.

Big Game Treestands The Maxim


This sturdy stand is closer to the ground at only 17 feet to the shooting rail, but this ladder treestand is well-suited for any outdoorsman or woman. While it has the same 300-pound weight capacity as most, this stand has a larger 28-inch wide by 35-inch deep platform, so that even a larger person can easily move around and feel safe.

The Rock Solid mounting system comes with a ratchet strap, two stabilizer straps, and an adjustable support bar. The built-in foot rest and seat platform flip back for full platform use whether you're rifle or bowhunting.

With the large comfortable seat and included full body safety harness, this stand has all the features that smaller stands can't manage to pack in. It's priced at $199.99.

Rivers Edge One Man Lockdown Wide


The Lockdown Wide ladder stand has a wide, flip-up seat with a durable teartuff mesh for sitting or standing shots. The 35-inch deep by 26-inch wide oversized platform with included flip-up footrest provides plenty of room for stretching the legs or space to stand and shoot.

The Lockdown Wide features a two way adjustable shooting rail allowing you to set a height and depth that works for each individual hunter. The dual tree blades, oversized platform ratchet straps, and octagonal tubing gives it great stability.

The description of this single-person ladderstand does not include a fall arrest system. It's running for $259.99 on Amazon.

Where you shop and purchase doesn't really matter as long as you are satisfied with the deer stand you choose. One- and two-man ladder tree stands are different than both a hang on stand and a climbing tree stand. They afford a more diverse group of hunters the ability to get out in the woods and hunt, making sure they are secure and have a safe experience.


Ladder stands have a more stable foot platform than a typical hang-on treestand, and a more comfortable fit than a climber. They're better suited to those who need to sit for long periods before they stand up. Climbing stands have their place and can take a hunter to more diverse places, but as we get older the use of one is not always viable or desired.

As far hunting gear goes, a high-quality ladder stand found its niche long ago. Between the steel frames and the padded seats, it's almost like having the best safety system in the sky. If you're trying to find the best ladder stand, it will be up to you to determine which works best.

To all the bowhunters, rifle hunters, and shotgun-toting fellow hunters that take to the trees this fall, we wish you luck and comfort. Maybe one of these ladder stands can help with both.

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