Trick Shots and Guns: The NRA Interviews Kirsten Joy Weiss

Kirsten Joy Weiss's mission to share the positives about firearms with NRA All Access.

Kirsten Joy Weiss is lovable and a gunslinger like you have never seen. But how did she get where she it at and what drives her to keep doing what she does? Trick shots and more that you have to see. NRA interviews her and she lets you in on all kinds of good stuff. Check it out below.

If you have followed along her journey, you might even be surprised to hear some of her story and the bumps and valleys along the way. Through perseverance and hard work, it is great to see where she is today.

Kirsten is a class act and really passionate about the industry and what she stands for. I think that is pretty evident in her mature decision at a young age to decide against America's Got Talent because of them wanting to change her routine away from firearms.

She does what she does because she loves it, and because she cares about the future of the sport.

Kudos to Kirsten and keep up the good work.

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