Is Controversy Good for Hunting?

In a world driven by media, this question stands more prevalent than ever... is controversy good for hunting?

Controversy. It's everywhere, more than ever. It touches politics, sports, and the hobby we are all plugged into... hunting. With social media, everyone is entitled to an opinion with no consequences these days, and controversy shows itself in every corner.

Is controversy good for hunting? This is a question I always think about, and it's often hard to answer. I think the biggest reason for concern is that the controversy comes from those within the hunting community just as much as it does from the outside. Sure, anti-hunters are always seeking for ammunition to grab a hold of an run with, but we as a "group of hunters" often attack each other just as much.

I have run social media pages within the outdoor industry for three years now, and it never ceases to amaze me of the controversy that can follow some pictures, videos, or styles of hunting. Obviously, there are degrees of controversy, but in many forms, it can help us adapt and evolve as hunters.

Keith Warren produces a short video about some controversy he has experienced and how it's helped change the outdoor industry for the good.

It is interesting to see the evolution of the sport of hunting in a short video like this. A lot of things have changed over the years. Some things are thought of as common hunting practices now that used to put sour taste in people's mouths.

Trail cameras have improved leaps and bounds since they controversially busted into the industry, and now suppressors are the new ticket. Silencers are a quickly growing sector, and it is by no means a short-term fad. It is important to be open minded, but it's also scary to think of some of the unintended consequences of these developments and the controversy surrounding them.

Best advice I can give is to be as well educated on topics as you can, and enter discussions and debates with an open mind. Controversy will always be here, but it is how we use it to better our sport.

So what are your thoughts? Is controversy good for hunting?

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