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If Hunters Gossiped, This is What They’d Whisper About

Hunters have mastered the art of whispering to others, but what about gossip? 

First off, gossiping is never necessarily a good thing, but everyone already knows that. Hunting is a sport of passion, and when people get passionate about something, emotions are the cusp of sleeves, and that’s how gossiping begins. Here’s what hunters would be most likely to gossip about.

How not-so-great someone’s buck was.

First and foremost, a hunter shouldn’t gossip about someone else’s harvest. Everyone trophy is different, but if you’ve hung around the archery shop or deer camp long enough, you’ll hear it.

“No one is supposed to know about this buck, but…”

We all live in a time when iPhones and trail cams send pictures right to your email. This level of convenience in getting photos has increased the knowledge of big bucks… which, in turn, creates more secrets. However, it’s common to see a picture of a buck fowarded multiple times.

“Did you hear how much he pays for that lease?”

Leasing property has become a more popular thing to do across the country, and the gossip has risen with it. Forget about how much the farmer cash rents the farm; wonder about how much the out-of-stater pays to lease that farm. These are the burning questions in your hunting neighborhood.

Check out this gear… but don’t tell my wife!

Hunting can be about as expensive as you want it to be. As each check gets written, another gossiping opportunity rolls around. This might not always be a bad thing; you might get a great deal from hearing about it. However, there is another side of this coin. If your wife finds out how much you’re really spending on hunting, a fight might ensue. The truth always prevails, so we always suggest being upfront about your purchases.

Deer movement, real and imagined

Two people can ask the same person how many deer they have been seeing and get two completely different answers. Some would call this lying; others would say it’s just part of the sport. Regardless, its just some good old-fashioned gossip.

Keeping up with the Joneses in terms of preparedness

Word gets out when someone doesn’t prepare for the season (or overly prepares). We’ve all complained, or heard someone complain, about the neighbor who decides to put up a stand the day before opening season.

That one hunter who doesn’t use any “real” gear

Its easy to forget that our grandparents only used a cheap shotgun and wore plaid shirts to fill the freezer, but in reality, it always got the job done. Hunters sometimes forget that we don’t always need the newest and best. So try not to gossip about the guy that still shoots a 1990’s Hoyt with aluminum arrows.

Who’s buddied up with whom

Big Game Logic

Hunting buddies form a special kind of friendship that experiences the highest of highs and the pettiest of petty arguments. Some good old juicy gossip can always revolve around who’s hunting with whom.

Potential record breakers

It seems every year, grainy pictures of big bucks pop up on the internet and the gossiping starts flying around about the details of the buck. How many times have you read the Hanson buck would be unseated at the biggest typical? Probably a lot.

The next time you here someone gossiping, try not to encourage it or partake in spreading slander to your fellow hunters.


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If Hunters Gossiped, This is What They’d Whisper About