Pig Rises From Dead Like a Zombie Before Dap Puts it Back to Sleep with a Shot

Sometimes these swine just don't have any quit in them. Or maybe it's just the Zombie Aporkalypse?

There is a reason when you are learning the ins and outs of hunting that your dad teaches you to walk up and poke your harvest with the barrel. Sometimes no matter how well you hit your target, their will to survive will make things interesting. Or these pigs are just zombies.

Dap pulls the trigger and it looks like his work is done. Dropped in its tracks with a headshot. But then things get weird.

Planning to go do a recovery for a Pigman episode, Dap is surprised to see the pig grow some angel wings and come back to life. With no hesitation, Dap gets back on the gun and finishes him off. Just makes you wonder, who would believe stories like this if we didn't have the luxury of filming our hunts?!

I think we are safe from the zombie aporkalypse(see what I did there) for now. Atleast as long as Dap is behind a gun.