Wheels Up, Pigman Cracks a Big Boar

A pig hits the dirt in flipping fashion as Pigman does what he does best.

Pig down! A saying Pigman has said and done a few times in his hunting career.

Hunting from the ground, Pigman awaits as many pigs begin to filter out into the corn piles. Eventually a mature one finds its way into the road and Pigman has made up his mind, he's slaying that swine.

With his Leupold VX-6 locked in, Pig slowly squeezes off the AccuTrigger on his Savage rifle and the boar goes wheels up!

Hunting pigs is a must for land management in Texas with the absurd amounts of damage they can do to your property. And as Pigman says, you can manage your property the way you want to, but don't tell him how to manage his.

He and his good friend Hornady Ammunition seem to have a good program going, and it looks to be working.

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