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How Pigman's Archery Setup Changed After His Near Death Car Accident

Not even taking the sight of one eye could slow down Pigman. Here is how Pigman modified his bow to keep shooting right handed.

Pigman was in a vehicle accident in December of 2014 that nearly cost him his life. He luckily survived, but it did effect the sight in his right eye.

Instead of giving up, Pig fought through the adversity and made a few tweaks on his Bear bow. After hunting all his life with a right handed bow, switching to a left handed bow would be difficult and sounds just plain terrible.

Pigman went to the drawing board and figured out a way to modify his bow and sights where he didn't have to do that. Eye patch and all, you see how he was able to adjust a few things, practice continuously, and be able to master the new setup.

No that was not a pirate, that was just Pigman with an eye patch. By simply moving the attachment to the other side of the riser, and sliding the sight as far left as possible, Pigman was right back to smoking the vital regions of targets in no time.

This goes to show that with a little redneck ingenuity and practice, anything is possible. If you ever come to a point in life where you feel hindered and held back from being able to do something you want, just think of this. A little hard work and you can overcome adversity.

As much as hogs in Texas wish he was out of commission, Pigman looks to be placing arrows right where he was before the accident.

10 to 100 yards, bacon is bound to be on the table.


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How Pigman's Archery Setup Changed After His Near Death Car Accident