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This is the Heart-Wrenching Backstory Behind That Kangaroo Punching Video

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Chances are, you've seen the kangaroo punching video that went viral. But do you know the heartbreaking backstory behind the hunt?

Sometimes life just isn't fair. And more times than not, cancer is that hiccup in life that causes so much grief. When that moment arises, people often try to live out their lives with some of their biggest wishes.

The viral video of the kangaroo getting punched after head locking a hunter's dog is everywhere. But there is a shocking backstory to the hunt that many don't know. The hunt was actually the final wish of a dying man in Australia.

A 19-year-old by the name of Caleb had been fighting a rare form of cancer, and he requested to go on a boar hunt. While on the hunt, the insane boxing battle between the hunter he was with and a kangaroo took place. The hog hunt was back in June, but the video has just now gone viral.

The video goes on to portray the beautiful but heartbreaking story behind the hunt. After two years of battling the disease, Caleb was able to get married to the love of his life while being bedside in the hospital last month. Friends and family were able to attend making it a great day.

Unfortunately and tragically, he was unable to beat the cancer and passed away just last week. Sometimes hunting can mean much more to people than just another hobby, and we are glad he was able to hunt one last time.

Hopefully the hunt was everything that Caleb dreamed of and we are glad he got to spend his last days with a great memory as well as being happily married with the woman he loved.

Surely he is smiling down as he sees this video blow up and gain as much attention as it has.


This is the Heart-Wrenching Backstory Behind That Kangaroo Punching Video