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Cell Phones Changed Hunting Forever (but it Might Not be So Bad)

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Cell phones have changed lives and hunting forever, here’s why. 

As a 22-year-old, I’ve seen the evolution of cell phones and have been able to see how quickly we’ve gone from Nokia brick phones to highly efficient smartphones that have similar or even better computing power to a 2013 Macbook Pro as I write this article.

Some old-school hunters might claim that cell phones are ruining hunting, and people are now just headed to the stand just to play with their phones for 13 hours a day with a portable charger. They might not be completely wrong, but cell phones have also been making hunters better and more efficient as technology improves.

1. Checking Trail Cameras


In the last year or so, some crafty businesses have created adapters for hunters in order to check trail cameras on the go. Just a few years ago, hunters had to take a card home and check it on their desktops or lug their laptops into the woods.

Checking cameras quickly and efficiently can easily lead to killing more big bucks, so we can thank trusty cell phones for that.

2. GPS and Map Applications


I’ll be honest; I’m just now starting to use apps like OnXMaps this season, and I’ve learned tons of information about the properties in my hunting neighborhood. Plat Maps are great, but who wants to look through a book and flip through pages to see a black-and-white map?

GPS and Map applications are invaluable on hunting trips and learning the terrain and topography. We can thank cell phones for making this formerly hard-to-find information easily accessible, as long as there is cell phone service.

3. Passing Time

Legendary Whitetails

We can all wish for great deer activity every time we head to the stand, but in reality, that’s not always the case.

The old saying “You can’t get them on the couch” comes into play as I scroll through Twitter, not paying nearly as much attention as I should. If I don’t pay attention for 10 minutes out of the hour, and as an effect I sit in the tree longer, that’s a win in my book.

4. Gauge Deer Movement on the Fly


Checking social media, a podcast, or forum on the fly to learn how the deer movement can be a doubled edged sword. Imagine sitting in the stand and seeing a lone spike buck, only to read, “Rut is popping, big bucks on their feet everywhere.” Yes, it can be nice to know what’s going on, but it can also be upsetting. Nonetheless, we can thank cell phones for the possibilities.

Just remember, cell phones can be a great tool for all types of hunters, but don’t get caught playing Candy Crush as your dream buck cruises right by without you ever knowing!


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Cell Phones Changed Hunting Forever (but it Might Not be So Bad)