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Another Fidget Spinner Trick Shot with Kirsten Joy Weiss

fidget spinner

This is a pretty good way to go about handling a fidget spinner. 

Perhaps this is the first time in my life I have actually felt older than what I am, but I just don’t understand fidget spinners. They seem to be everywhere these days, and I just don’t get it.

What I do get, though, is shooting things with guns. Thankfully, Kirsten Joy Weiss pulls off a fidget spinner trick shot that has to be seen to be believed. Perhaps, when you get down to it, this might be the best way to truly enjoy a fidget spinner after all.

You got to admit that is some impressive shooting. What makes these trick shots even more spectacular is that cross wind as she is shooting. You can hear that breeze in the camera and it isn’t very gentle. You got to have some finely honed shooting skills to pull something like that off.

I can only assume these little toys are made for kids. God, I at least hope so. If not, hopefully you can follow in Joy Weiss’ footsteps and shoot them with a gun in new and interesting ways. If you do, please exercise caution and be old enough to actually handle a weapon safely. Otherwise, you should probably just stick to fidget spinners after all.


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Another Fidget Spinner Trick Shot with Kirsten Joy Weiss