Ugly Stick

How Strong Do You Think an Ugly Stick Really is?

How strong is an ugly stick? Let's find out. 

For years, Ugly Stick has marketed itself as an almost unbreakable rod. With a price point that just about any fisherman can afford, being able to stand up to everything only makes sense. For most of us, an Ugly Stick just might have been our very first real fishing rod. (For me at least, it was). So how strong is one of these rods? Well, thankfully, this video we just found is out to answer that very question.

As you are about to see, there just isn't much one of these fishing rods can't handle. Just watch as one is tested against a variety of near Herculean tasks and comes out of top, time and time again.

Okay, so if you are fishing for dogs, suitcases, grills, or people on skateboards, you are good to go. However, just draw the line before trying to reel in somebody on a big wheel, and you should be good to go. To draw in a real world comparison, how big of a fish do you think that would actually represent to break the rod? Granted, I doubt many fisherman would be pulling on a fish like that without a decent drag, but still, that's a lot of pressure on a rod.

In the end, Ugly Sticks are obviously not unbreakable. With that being said, they sure can put up with an awful lot.