cicada hatch

The Cicada Hatch is on for Big Carp

If there is a cicada hatch in your neck of the woods this year, you are one lucky fly fisherman. 

Big carp love cicadas. Unfortunately, they have a pretty bad habit of only coming above ground every two to seventeen years. However, when they do and the cicada hatch is on, you better have a fly that looks like one tied on to the end of some very strong tippet.

As you are about to see, fly fishing for carp using a cicada looking fly means you will get into some big fish, and quickly. Hooking into a carp is one exhilarating experience. However, hooking into a carp on a dry fly as big as a cicada, well that is a special thing.

You got to admit that is pretty cool. It's not very often that big carp are looking towards the surface for a big meal, but when the cicada hatch is on, they live at the surface. Hopefully, you are in one of those states this year that has cicadas hatching above ground. If so, you better hit the lake in a hurry. The hatch will be over before you know it.