king salmon

Is This Massive King Salmon Even Real?

Apparently, this is the King of king salmon. 

Then out of nowhere comes one of the largest king salmon we have ever seen. Little is known about this fish other than the information that can be seen in the description of the video posted by Tres Amigos Outfitters. More of that later though. In the meantime, just check out this Patagonian giant.

Per the description posted, this fish measured out to he just over 53-inches long. On top of that, it was reported to have had a 33-inch girth. For one final bit of profound numbers for a fish, it was also estimated to have weighed close to 77 pounds. The world record king weighed out to 97 pounds. So yes, even though the fish in the video is stupid big, it still would have a long way to go to take the top spot.

When you come down to it though, who really cares! A big fish is a big fish regardless of what any record book might say.

That is one amazing fish and probably bigger than any king salmon I will ever catch!