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Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots Like a Patriot with This Flintlock Rifle

We’ve seen Kirsten Joy Weiss’ prowess with modern firearms. But how will she do with a flintlock?

Shooting a flintlock rifle is far different than shooting a modern centerfire or rimfire rifle. Not only do you need to load the powder and projectile from the muzzle, you also have to prime the pan and make sure that your flint and frizzen are properly aligned before shooting.

Watch the video to see if Kirsten is as good with an old school gun as she is with today’s firearms.

For those who might not know, here’s how a flintlock rifle works.

A charge of powder is poured down the barrel, followed by a projectile which is seated with a ramrod. Then a charge of fast burning pan powder is placed in the flashpan located in the gun’s lock. The frizzen is lowered over the pan, the hammer is cocked, and the trigger is pulled. The hammer, which is holding a small piece of flint, strikes the frizzen creating a spark that ignites the pan powder. The flame transfers through a tiny touch hole on the side of the gun into the barrel igniting the powder charge and shooting the projectile.

Clearly, a lot of things need to go right for these guns to fire. To make things even more difficult, there’s typically a slight delay between the time the trigger is pulled and the powder charge ignites. This can be seen in the slow motion shot on the video. Therefore, if you’re toting a flintlock, you must hold your sights on target while a small explosion occurs just inches from your face.

If you’re not impressed with Kirsten’s shot yet, let’s see you try it!

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Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots Like a Patriot with This Flintlock Rifle