Crossbow Clay Pigeon
YouTube: The Gould Brothers

Trick Shot Artist Nails Unbelievable 100-Yard Crossbow Shot on a Flying Clay Pigeon

This trick shot is simply insane.

Doing trick shots with firearms or archery gear has always been a popular thing. From the days of Annie Oakley to more recent talented names like Bob Munden, people have continually redefined what could be on the target range. Guys like Byron Ferguson continue to push the limits of what can be done with archery gear.

Today we want to highly the Gould brothers. These guys are trick shot artists that perform at outdoor events all over the country. While most people know them for their talents with a shotgun in hand, it seems they are talented in a plethora of shooting spots.

This trick shot is one of the most difficult we have ever seen. Using a Ravin R29 crossbow and a Vortex scope with a lighted reticle, they attempt to shoot a clay pigeon out of the air with a crossbow bolt at 100 yards. It sounds too crazy to be possible right? Well, watch the video and see for yourself this incredible feat!

What a shot! Most people would never attempt this simply because of the high cost of crossbow bolts. This would be an easy way to lose a lot of them in a hurry. We have no idea how many shots this took, but we are guessing it was less than 50, which just makes this feat even more impressive.

I always hear about people going on and on about crossbows having incredible accuracy out to 100 yards, but this type of feat is a whole other animal. Not only did he have to compensate for the arrow's drop, he had to time it with the falling of the clay pigeon perfectly. This would be difficult enough to do at close range, but at 100 yards that ratchets up the difficulty level even more.

In a way, this is one of the more time-consuming shots to attempt since the crossbow cannot be cocked as quickly as simply drawing back a regular compound or longbow. As if all these factors were not enough, he also managed to pull this off in total darkness. Even with a lighted reticle, that is just insane to think about. Incredible shot you guys, thanks for sharing it with the world!

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