Cam Hanes, Diet Coke, and Mentos Make for a Pretty Sweet Trick Shot

You haven't seen the explosive Mentos and Diet Coke reaction done right until you throw a bow, an arrow, and Cameron Hanes.

Since people first figured out Mentos and Diet Coke create quite the explosive reaction, people have found some interesting ways to make it happen. None are as satisfying as watching a professional archer making it happen with a badass trick shot.

Well-known professional bowhunter Cameron Hanes has become quite good at pulling off trick shots. He has recently teamed up with the guys at Rated Red to come up with a few nice ones.

In this one, he attempts to shoot strings tied to Mentos dangling above two liters of Diet Coke. Let's just say the shot is... reactive.

I don't care who you are, shooting a thin string with a bow is not an easy task. Shooting through them and dropping an object into a hole dang near the same size is amazing.

I don't know what it is about a simple chemical reaction that is so entertaining. We all know the end result, but we just love to watch how others are going to make it happen. This is definitely one of the cooler ways to do it.

I hope Hanes and Rated Red keep raising the challenge level. I would love to see what they can really come up with down the road. In the mean time the things they are doing now are pretty cool.

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