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YouTube: Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes Arrows His Dream Bull Elk

This elk hunting video will make you want to drop everything and hit the gym.

If you aren't familiar already, Cameron Hanes is an absolute freak. The guy runs 30 miles like one of us running one lap around the track. He practices like an Olympic archer who's never known any different. And, he hunts the way we all should: hard and pure.

He lives for bowhunting, likely for the purity of truly stalking an animal. It's clear he also enjoys a challenge, which certainly correlates with his personal regimen.

It's not really an option to attempt to keep up with Hanes, as literally no one could. However, there are many, many things we could learn from his style of hunting.

In this one, to me, it's discipline. To be stalking elk for days and restrain from shooting a nice bull is pretty admirable. To have that much confidence a bigger one would come along is just damn impressive.

That was easily one of the most awesome hunts ever shown on camera, as it's everything hunters dream to endure everything Hanes did.

We want the long chase. We want the days of agony, the relentless trekking through the mountains, and the chance to pass up a shooter bull for an even-better shooter bull.

It just never seems to actually happen that way. It never looks quite this beautiful. The shots are never quite this open. And, the bull elk never look anything like the one Hanes shot here in this video.

However, there's a reason Hanes has the relevance he has, and it's his unmatchable drive as a hunter.

The harder you push, the better your chances are to accomplish something like this!