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Byron Ferguson Performs Trick Shots in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

Byron Ferguson is one of the world’s best archers — he’s even more impressive in slow motion.

In this video, Byron Ferguson demonstrates his classic aerial archery shots and the action is captured by high speed cameras. This allows us to see the actual impact of the arrow with the target.

Watch the video to see just how accurate Byron Ferguson really is.

Wow, that was some impressive footage and even more impressive shooting.

Byron Ferguson has been dazzling exhibition audiences with his shooting for years and has been featured many times on television.

The amazing thing about Byron Ferguson’s shooting is that he does it all using traditional archery equipment. With no sights, stabilizers, or mechanical releases to help him, Ferguson is able to pull of some pretty amazing shots.

Don’t let the showmanship fool you, Byron Ferguson is as good in the field as he is on the range, having harvested hundreds of big and small game animals all over the world.

To learn more about Byron Ferguson or purchase traditional archery gear, visit

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Byron Ferguson Performs Trick Shots in Slow Motion [VIDEO]