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If You Wanted to See 300 Pounds of Tannerite Hit With a .50 Cal, This is Your Day

Tannerite explodes. We like Tannerite.

Tannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive, often used for long range target practice for those of us that want a little more when we're out on the shooting range.

Within the bounds of reason, and in the hands of those of us with safety in mind at all times, Tannerite can be some of the most fun target practice there is.

Tannerite brand exploding targets are sold at Bass Pro Shops, Gander Outdoors, and Cabela's. Since Tannerite recommends 100-yards distance for every one pound of the mixture used, it stands to reason that these guys might have been a little close. Any off brand targets should follow the same rules.

The better question might be: is that really 300-pounds of the substance? Whatever it is it really goes up nicely and the folks watching the detonation looked to have plenty of safe distance, even for such a large explosion.

Watch the hammer blow for yourself and decide:

As with anything firearm-related, safety first is the key. We've seen, more than once, how dangerous Tannerite targets can be in the hands of those that do not take the time necessary to respect it.

In addition to that, adding Tannerite to the interior of targets that can blow up and potentially throw shrapnel of some sort is ultimately a good way to get killed or worse.

Users need to know ahead of time that this explosive substance needs a high-velocity round of ammunition to set it off. Lower velocity rounds such as those associated with a common .22 caliber rimfire rifle generally do not have enough energy or feet per second to set the charge off.

That's why using .50 Cal ammo is such an easy way to bump it up a notch, and really make something happen to these rifle targets.

Have fun and be safe! One shot is all it takes to get hooked on the greatness of shooting sports!

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If You Wanted to See 300 Pounds of Tannerite Hit With a .50 Cal, This is Your Day