PSE Warhammer
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Terry Drury Harvests the First Deer Ever Taken with the New PSE Warhammer Crossbow

The new PSE Warhammer looks impressive.

Archery companies are constantly innovating and improving on crossbow technologies to make these bows lighter, more compact and faster than ever before. As a result, they have become highly effective tools for making an ethical harvest while hunting.

PSE Archery introduced the new PSE Warhammer (what a cool name) back in January and it only recently arrived on store shelves. However, the crossbow has already proven itself in the field against whitetail deer at the tail end of Missouri's deer season.

Terry of Drury Outdoors was one of the lucky few to get a first crack at hunting with this crossbow earlier this year. Watch as he goes on a late season hunt and harvests a large doe with a perfectly placed shot.

Nice shot Terry! That arrow was perfectly placed right in the boiler room. You can tell this crossbow is quiet. The doe never flinched when Terry sent the bolt on its way. It made for a clean harvest and a quick recovery of this animal.

The Warhammer is a brand-new crossbow design for PSE in 2020. The company says this is a totally new design from the ground up. If you were looking for a crossbow in a compact package, this may be the solution. It is only 29 by 14 inches.

The crossbow does not lose any power from being downsized either. PSE says the bow can launch bolts at a blistering 400 feet per second thanks to the 142 pounds of kinetic energy behind the string. That is more than enough to harvest most deer species in North America. In fact, we would say this crossbow will probably be effective on even larger big game species like bear and elk.

The new Warhammer looks like an awesome hunting tool. We are betting lots of hunters will be filling their freezers with this new offering come the fall 2020 hunting seasons!

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