trail camera caught in wildfire

This Trail Camera Survived a Wildfire and Took Pictures

It's one thing to have a wildfire where you're hunting. It's another to have a trail camera in the middle of it all that captures the images.

In the everyday battle over the best broadheads, bows and trail cameras, this may one day be added to the testers list for trail cameras: Surviving a wildfire. That's exactly what this Stealth Cam PX14 did in Utah for the boys from Sahn Outdoors.

"We had a feeling it was going to be toast!" Sahn Outdoors commented on their YouTube video. "You can imagine our surprise when we opened it up and saw that the memory card was good! We were even more surprised when it turned on and still took photos!!"

Check it out below:

Unreal, I know. Not only did it capture a photo of the fire in the distance then again up close, it still turned on after the fire came through. The trail camera caught in the fire not only turned on, but after the fact, continued to work and take photos. Now we both know looking at the shape the camera was in that they may not be clear images, but talk about extreme conditions. Trail camera testers that test the extreme conditions like water, ice and cold temperatures, can now add wildfires to the list as a marketing tool.

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