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"We've All Got That One Buddy..." Don't be 'Colorado Jim' This Hunting Season!

exodus trail camera

Exodus Trail Cameras brings comedy to the struggle of using an unreliable trail camera.

The debate over which trail camera is the best will always rage on. Just as with broadheads, it often comes down to personal preference. Exodus, however, known for their affordable and reliable trail cameras, brings comedy to a struggle too many of us have experienced before during "trail camera season," when we're all looking to get out and begin data analysis on our deer herd.

This video, with the boys from Tag 'n' Brag, reminds us that the struggle is real, that is when you are using unreliable trail cameras.

In comedic fashion, watch Colorado Jim, the guy you don't want to be this season, go from excitement to excuse when his trail camera just didn't perform.

No one wants to be Colorado Jim, but all too often we have been there. Research, experience and knowledge can help you choose the right trail camera so this never happens to you. You want results and that begins with a reliable trail camera, batteries, a proper SD card and preparation. Ensure you have the right camera for the job and remember, don't be like Colorado Jim.

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"We've All Got That One Buddy..." Don't be 'Colorado Jim' This Hunting Season!