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Full Reviews of the 5 Best Bows of 2016 for Under $600

We linked up with Lancaster Archery to shoot a handful of hunting bows all under $600 to narrow it down to the best five.

Hunting on a budget? We've all been there before and when it comes to a hobby such as hunting or archery, sometimes it's hard to decide on where to save and where to spend.

Luckily, with technology as good as it is today, you don't always have to sacrifice quality when it comes to trying to save money in a hunting bow set up. To narrow it down to five, we hooked up with the experts over at Lancaster Archery Supply to get in and shoot a handful of bows all under $600.

Below is a chart of the the five bows we found to be the best value for their bows for 2016

1. PSE Drive R

This bow was extremely comfortable and of all of the bows I shot, this was probably my favorite.

Pros: Very smooth drawing bow, fast IBO speed with little to no recoil after the shot.

Cons: N/A

2. Bear Marshal

Bear has been a name in the industry of archery almost as long as the word archery has existed. The Marshal is a very unique bow as Bear took it to the workbench with technology. The package deal makes this affordable and great with the Trophy Ridge Package deal. Package includes the Trophy Ridge: Whisker Biscuit, 4-Pin Sight, Stabilizer, String & Quiver.

Pros: The Marshal with its smooth S7 Cam and rotating module, makes it so this bow does not require a bow press to adjust. This is a full package purchase that makes everything more affordable.

Cons: There were no cons that I could point out on the bow.

3. Quest Amp

Quest Archery was introduced by G5 Outdoors, also the makers of the Prime series bow. This bow, although a favorite to most archers in this price range, was my least favorite. It did have a quality build, but just didn't seem to fit the hype I had originally thought it was going to.

Pros: Package deal with G5 Outdoor's sight, rest & stabilizer. Rotating cam system allows for at home adjustability. A forgiving, 7" brace height with an amazing 340 fps IBO speed.

Cons: The G5 Halo rest was difficult to try to get used to. When trying to put an arrow on the string, I had to maneuver the arrow below the sight and above the rest and then attach it to the string in that order. An attempt to do it any other way would get the arrow jammed in the rest or not allow it to go below the sight at all. It did also feel a little heavier than the other bows, although it claims to be only 3.9lbs.

4. Hoyt PowerMax

Let me begin by saying PJ, of Lancaster Archery, hyped this one up for me so I was excited to shoot this. As he handed me this bow, he began to explain how I was going to like it and that it just shot very well. He was right! This bow came in at number two for me of all the bows I shot that day based on comfortability, feel and speed.

Pros: Very quiet bow with the Limb Shox Dampening System. Very stiff with a hard back wall at full draw with Hoyt's dual cable stops. Hoyts gets a little versatile as it splits the 50-60lb and 60-70lb by offering a 55-65lb draw weight as well.

Cons: Again, I couldn't point out any cons when it came to using this bow.

5. Mission Hype DT

I have been a fan of Mathews bows for quite some time and Mission, which is manufactured by Mathews, holds several of the same qualities as its higher end counterpart. The Mission Hype DT may have tied for second especially when you look at the price tag of $399 making this the cheapest bow of the group.

Pros: Extremely adjustable allowing draw weight from 15 to 70 pounds and a draw length adjustments from 19 inches to 30 inches. They Hype DT is very smooth, comfortable and quiet with minimal vibration thanks to it's use of the Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer. Mission Archery also backs the Hype DT with a lifetime warranty.

Cons: It is said to have a significant decrease in IBO at anything less than maximum draw weight and draw length.

It's always recommended to test and shoot a variety of bows before you make any purchase to ensure it is the best fit for you.

Lancaster Archery Supply is a premier archery retailer that has grown to be the largest online selection of 3D and target archery equipment in the world. They feature each of these bows in their store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as well as making most of them available online.

I want to give a thank you PJ Reilly of Lancaster Archery Supply for his generous and quick work, setting up this opportunity with us. Anytime we can work with other companies to bring our reader's reviews, research and information we ultimately all win. The world is full of knowledgeable people and you should never be afraid to ask for help, especially when you are looking to set yourself up with an affordable bow to get yourself outside shooting and hunting more.

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Full Reviews of the 5 Best Bows of 2016 for Under $600