tornado three hills alberta
Vance Neudorf/YouTube

This Gripping Time Lapse Footage of an Alberta Tornado Will Give You a Rush

Here's a front-row seat to the most spectacular tornado footage you've ever seen.

The town of Three Hills, located in Alberta, Canada, became a well-known name on June 2. It was on that day that a spectacular tornado thundered through this sleepy town that houses just over 3,000 folk, and there's no shortage of incredible footage showcasing the epic phenomenon.

Vance Neudorf captured the following footage, which shows the tornado raging in spectacular fashion through time-lapse. Here's what he had to say:

"I was driving home from the grocery store and a funnel cloud formed overhead. I pulled over as it was heading directly for my daughter's house. I called and told her to take the grandkids into the basement. As I filmed the time-lapse video, I watched as it passed just behind their subdivision in an open field."

Now that was pretty mind-blowing, wasn't it? Did you happen to notice the lone person, standing in the field, taking snapshots? Think you'd be brave enough?

Another equally incredible image emerged from Alberta this week, this one showing a man casually mowing his lawn as the same tornado looms in the background. That pic has went viral! Read the story and see the image HERE.

Tornados are destructive - but they can certainly be a thing of beauty to watch. Be safe out there.

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