sea lion
Michael Fujiwara/YouTube

Update: Girl Dragged by Sea Lion on Precautionary Meds to Avoid 'Seal Finger'

You've seen the heart-stopping viral video. Now read the latest update on the girl that was grabbed by a sea lion.

We brought you the incredible - and shocking - video recently which showed a young girl being dragged from a British Columbia wharf by a sea lion on May 20. In that footage, captured by a bystander's cell phone, the seemingly playful marine mammal suddenly lunges from the water, grabbing the dress of the girl, and swiftly pulling her into the water. (You can watch the video and read the full story HERE.)

We now have two updates to share with you. As the story broke, a marine mammal trainer with the Vancouver Aquarium was featured in various news reports reaching out to the family to contact them. Their concern was the possibility for contracting a dangerous bacterial infection, caused by the saliva in the seal's mouth and passed on to humans through a bite. The infection, called seal finger, can lead to arthritis in the joints, and in the past, has led to amputations. The family did contact the aquarium and the little girl is being treated with antibiotics as a precaution. According to the father, the girl did sustain a superficial wound on her lower body.

The family also received a lot of backlash across social media as it was suggested that they were feeding the sea lion, ignoring the posted signs warning against the practice. According to the father, he denies this accusation, stating that someone beside them was trying to feed the animal - and that the family itself was not taking any photographs.

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