Tesla Model 3 repairs

Video: Time-Lapse of Tesla Model 3 Getting Repaired

In this time-lapse video, watch a damaged Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 get extensive body work done.

Sooooooooo, Tesla has been in the news a lot lately. From Elon Musk calling out a saboteur who stole some company info to cars lighting on fire in L.A. traffic to production slowing down and starting up and slowing down, the electric car company is rivaling Washington, D.C., for news coverage. Now, the Tesla Model 3 is getting some love news has come out at times of its lack of production efficiency.

Check out the video below to see an Austin-based body shop repair a Tesla Model 3.


Shop Talk

Presented by Tesla-authorized body shop Autocraft Bodywerks in Austin, Texas, the 8-minute long clip show its employees replacing the rear-quarter body panel of the Tesla Model 3, applying a lift before showing some serious skills in aluminum welding and mechanical joining.

During the annual Tesla shareholder's meeting, CEO Elon Musk also discussed plans to open branded body shops by the end of June, with the possibility of same-day repair services for a Tesla Model 3. No details have been shared on locations or type of work offered, other than it should mark a substantial improvement over today's third-party body ship repair wait times, which can take months.

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