4 Best Car Repair Blogs for Any Skill Level

The internet is like the Bible for do-it-yourselfers, and if you need help repairing or upgrading an automobile, here are the four best car repair blogs for any skill level.

Whether you're a first-time DIYer or a seasoned ASE mechanic, there are plenty of resources online to help diagnose a particular problem, track down parts and even in-depth videos to walk viewers through the process.

While you're doing your own car repairs, don't forget to take advantage of auto parts stores that save you even more time and money by lending out tools and pulling trouble codes.

Auto Parts Warehouse Blog

If you're a site with a primary focus on selling parts, it definitely makes sense to have authoritative car repair articles, and that's what the Auto Parts Warehouse Blog is all about. Not only does the APW blog have a variety of articles ranging from preventative maintenance to in-depth repairs, but visiting the main Auto Parts Warehouse page is just a click away to get the right parts fast. It even has in-house how-to videos showing how to perform a certain car repair as well as various product reviews that include headlight bulbs, aftermarket floor mats and suspension components.

Openbay Overdrive


Openbay is a unique app-based company that lets users find and schedule car repairs from numerous shops in the surrounding area, but its blog, Openbay Overdrive, also gives out maintenance tips and mechanics advice. Even though these articles are geared more toward informing car owners what to expect from car repairs and when to notice needed maintenance, it is still a helpful tool for people to recognize when their car might need servicing. When that time comes, just download the app and get potential repair estimates before even stepping foot in a shop.

Girls Auto Clinic

Located just outside of Philadelphia, the Girls Auto Clinic is a thriving, new shop that smashes stereotypes with an all-female staff of "shecanics" performing full-service car repair. They also offer informative workshops and how-to videos, but if you don't live in the area, GAC has its own blog that mainly focuses on helpful preventative maintenance tips. If the all-female staff isn't comforting enough, the shop has yet another way to entice female customers; the Clutch Beauty Bar, which provides manicures, pedicures and hair styling.

Popular Mechanics

When it comes to interesting articles about science or technology, Popular Mechanics is a well-trusted source, and this outlet also delivers extensive exclusive auto content, like how-to advice on car repair and behind-the-wheel access to new and upcoming models.

The only downside to perusing this site might be that is easy to get a little sidetracked by other articles, such as how to build a transforming outside bench!

Can you think of any other car or auto blogs that should be in a best of list?