Throwback Thursday: 1986 Salmon Fishing with a Michigan Legend

We can all learn something from Michigan fishing legend Mort Neff.

Michigan is home to many legends; we even have our own version of Bigfoot. It's home to other more believable legends, too. In this particular throwback, we have Mort Neff.

I have to say, I'm more than a little envious of these guys and some of the fish they're catching. It's a rarity in this day and age to catch that many salmon, let alone salmon that big. Even more rare is the 4-year-old who was able to hit that deer with a toy bow!

For those of you who didn't recognize the older gentleman in yellow from the video that's Michigan's "Great White Father." Neff was the voice and personality behind Michigan Out of Doors. He hosted the series from 1951-75. When people talk about famous outdoor show hosts, Neff almost always comes up.