Bully's Game Calls Are the Real Deal

I wouldn't turkey hunt without one.

I used to buy the cheapest turkey calls I could find. I hunt and call for friends every chance I get, so I couldn't justify spending a lot of money on a call I was going to throw away at the end of the year. I'd burn through three diaphragm calls every season.

Then I came across Bully's Game Calls at a sports show.

These calls are built to last. I bought my first Red Beard and Double Beard calls three years ago, and after calling in countless birds, I finally had to replace them. I've tried almost every call I could get my hands on, and so far nothing has outlasted these calls.

While durability is a key component for me in a call, the most important thing is how it sounds. They sound amazing. Hunters can make any cluck and yelp with ease.

Keep in mind, I've brought in several turkeys from long range with these calls. I even drew this tom in from a distance so far I could barely make out the sound of his gobbles.

Image Via Author - and no I didn't shoot it in the parking lot

Don't just take my word for it, though, listen to the double beard. Notice how versatile the call is. It hits the sweet spot of being loud without being too loud.

Bully's doesn't just make amazing diaphragm calls, they make a fine slate call, too. I am a proud owner of the Redneck Wrecker (great name and even greater call). I used it to call in the bird in the featured image. This call makes the best purrs I've heard out of ANY call. This is my go-to for that tricky bird that hangs up just out of range.

As an added advantage, the light purrs and occasional cluck are just right to make a hen feel comfortable enough to come check out your setup. Simply put, there's no better decoy than the real thing, and this works on toms and hens.

There was on one particular hunt I realized I'd never purchase another brand of calls. I was calling for a friend who was chasing some particularly skittish birds. Roughly 80 yards away was a beautiful tom in full fan surround by several hens. In theory, there shouldn't have been any way for us to pull that bird off his hens. But the Redneck Wrecker call made the difference. With one quick set of clucks followed by a few light purrs, he came right into our lap. I'll go turkey hunting again without my Bully's calls.