Testing Out Different Popular Turkey Loads

Don't overlook what you're loading your turkey gun with.

We spend so much time and energy chasing down toms. It's easy to lose track of every early morning scouting trip, all the hours spent glassing fields, the money spent on decoys, calls and other turkey gear. And, it's all for just the one moment when a tom comes into your setup. Don't let that moment be ruined because you're using the wrong ammunition.

As shown in this video, different rounds just pattern differently. Additionally, distance will affect each differently, so pick a load based on what you're going to be hunting. Be honest with yourself and your abilities. If you tend to fire to either side of the target, stick to the wider pattern. Different shotguns will pattern differently with different rounds, too. I have no problems using the Remington loads at ranges over 40 yards.

Ultimately, it's best to just grab a few boxes of turkey loads and your turkey gun and try them out for yourself.