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Why You Should Fork Over the Cash and Plan That Exotic Species Hunt

The cost is worth the experience.

Most hunters dream of chasing after a game species unfamiliar to them. There are plenty of options, as long as you're willing to fork over the cash.

Most hunters are hard-pressed to justify the expense of an exotic dream hunt. It's hard to cut a check for an experience that could just go toward additional hunting gear, or maybe a mortgage payment. There are several options to ease this pain. Taking along several fellow hunters will usually lower the price. Plus, your friends will make the experience for you, which is usually the case on any hunting trip.

In many cases, hunters are pursuing what appear to be caged-up animals on a preserve, which is a definite turnoff for a lot of us. After all, we're fair chase hunters, not killers of animals that can't easily escape. Their are alternatives, like going after wild animals, which can also affect the price.

I was recently fortunate enough to receive an invite to go along on a Jacobs Sheep hunt. While the price was on the lower side for a guided, exotic hunt, it still wasn't cheap. I was also a little hesitant to hunt an animal that had lived its life behind a fence.

So, I asked questions. What was the area like? How hard of a hunt was it going to be? How big is the area they run in?

After learning it was a bow hunt, I was a little more intrigued. What really persuaded me, though, was the company I was with. The hunt was great, but the friend I was with made it an experience I'll never forget.

Maybe for my next hunt I'll chase something else. I might travel somewhere new, maybe go without a guide, or maybe I'll try one of the exotics I can hunt on public land. One thing is for certain, though. I will go again, and I won't regret opening the check book.


Why You Should Fork Over the Cash and Plan That Exotic Species Hunt