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Throw Back Thursday: How Not to Handle Hellgrammites

Don't try this at home, or anywhere

Small mouth bass love to eat hellgrammites. They almost can't resist these wiggling bugs floating in front of them.

There is one BIG problem with this irresistible bait. Watch the video to find out what the problem is.

(If the video doesn't start at the beginning, click and drag the play marker to the beginning)

To make a guy cuss on a public broadcast, that had to be one powerful bite. In fact, if you didn't already know this, hellgrammites are known for there powerful bite. If that logic alone doesn't demonstrate that fish will hit this bait, the rest of the video does.

I also can't vouch that it is a good idea to try to grab a snapping turtle. However, given the choice between the turtle and the hellgrammite I think I'd take the bug.


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Throw Back Thursday: How Not to Handle Hellgrammites