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Young Veterinarian Serenades His Patients Before Surgery

Dr. Noah Arnold calms pets and their humans with music in the exam rooms.

Previously a veterinarian in a corporate practice, Dr. Noah Arnold, DVM, didn't have the freedom to merge his musical talents and veterinary skills. Now the owner of a growing private practiced called Dr. Noah's Ark, the young veterinarian strums his guitar and sings calming songs to patients before procedures.

Dr. Noah said the music helps to lessen the anxiety of his furry patients who are fearful of clinic settings. It also helps ease his own nerves when preparing for a difficult procedure and allays the anxiety of pet owners, which animals can often pick up on. He said:

"I'll  often play a song for these guys. It just helps them get relaxed, and it helps me get relaxed," Dr. Arnold said. "It was something I never could do working at a corporate practice, but I find sitting on the floor playing songs to these animals really mellows them."

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vet plays music

Dr. Noah's musical bedside manner spread quickly around Shorewood outside of Milwaukee, where the Wisconsin-raised animal lover runs his clinic. In just one year, his patient numbers escalated from 200 to 2,000.

Music has long been a tool for easing stress in the body. During fireworks season, many veterinarians recommend turning on some classical music for pets suffering from noise phobias. Orchestral and symphonic masterpieces mask the loud booming outside an animal's window, lowering their heart rate and respiration rate. Animals that are known to shake in fearful situations can relax into sleep mode when music is played.

It isn't just dogs and cats that take to music, either. Cows out in the pasture have been repeatedly shown on video running toward live musical instruments like the saxophone and accordion.

Dr. Noah's musical talent shows that music really does have a healing touch!

What music would you play to calm your pet? Would you be more likely to take your pet to a clinic that offers this service? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

All photos via Fox 21 News

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