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Cows Come Running to Hear Polka Music on the Accordian

And now, for the soothing sounds of the... accordion!

In pure German countryside fashion, a man plays an accordion on the side of the road to the joy and delight of a herd of cows.

As the man plays the delightful Bohemian music, the cows come closer to the music, their bells adding to the tune. They really seem curious to the sounds! They start to crowd around each other, each vying for the man's attention. The video ends with the man trying to serenade a different cow, who isn't nearly as excited or intrigued as the first cow herd.

See how cows enjoy some polka!

A lot of animals seem soothed by music produced by humans. There's the famous Internet video of one man serenading cows that came running to the sounds of his saxophone. Many scientific studies exist proving how effective music is to the development and comfortability across the animal kingdom, like this study from researchers at the University of Leicester in England.

As Dr. Adrian North said to the BBC,

"Calming music can improve milk yield [for dairy farmers], probably because it reduces stress."

Animals like music, too!

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This article was originally published April 25, 2017.

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