Instagram: Bontoro Farm

Watching This Farm Puppy Kiss Cows Will Make You Want to Move to the Country

Whether they perform vital farm duties or simply serve as companions, there is something amazing about a dog on a farm.

Instagram account @bontorofarm shared a video that featured a puppy happily greeting cows a hundred times its size with enthusiastic licks on the nose. Perched at eye level with the cows, the puppy first makes friends with one nearby cow, but other curious cows soon wander over to investigate the newcomer.

When the second cow approaches, the puppy takes a hesitant step back (they're big after all!), but quickly recovers its bravery and gives each cow equal due, tail wagging full-tilt the whole time.

Watch the magic happen below.

With more than 16,000 views, the sweet interaction gained attention from various media outlets interested in learning the story behind the video. It also received multiple questions from curious commenters wanting to know the breed of the puppy.

All we know is that this clip is worth watching over and over again for your daily dose of cuteness.

This article was originally published November 18, 2017. 

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