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This Underground Gun Range is a Patriot's Secret Playground

Are unfair laws keeping you from shooting your guns?

Well, you could always just go underground like this shooter did.

Watch the video below to see an underground gun range that's out of sight and out of mind.

YouTuber southernprepper1 is behind the front lines of gun control in New York. While unconstitutional gun-control laws reign heavy upon the shoulders of many states, some shooters are going underground.

This incredible, 75-foot-long underground gun range is hidden from the eyes and ears of the public. The owner can shoot all day long in this well-ventilated, underground gun range and not worry. It looks like the perfect range for a dark, winter night of fun.

Gun control needs to be fought at all levels. The Second Amendment was written for all of us, so keep up the good fight!

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This Underground Gun Range is a Patriot's Secret Playground