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This Man's Panic Room is a Must-See

man's panic room

Has your gun collection outgrown the gun cabinet?

Why not make a secret room like this guy did?

Check out this man's panic room!

In a video YountSke shared on Youtube, we meet a man who almost bought a gun safe, but found they were too expensive. So, he came up with the perfect solution.

He built a panic room. Behind a full-length mirror that slides to the side on a heavy-duty track is a door. This door leads to a secret room perfect for keeping survival goods, guns and valuables away from invaders and prying eyes. With the door closed and the mirror in place, no light escapes the secret room.

Could this room be upgraded at all? Well, a one-way mirror would certainly be handy, as would ballistic protection on the front section of drywall. You can use this video as an idea for your very own panic/gun room.

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This Man's Panic Room is a Must-See