Underground Bunker

Spooky, Abandoned Underground Bunker Still Has Power and Cold War Era Relics

This guy had no idea what he was walking into.

There is no doubt that the Cold War was a tense time for the world as people worried that any moment the bombs were going to drop and the world as we knew it would end. It was not just the United States that was worried about this stuff either. It seems the Russians had concerns of their own as this amazing video of an abandoned underground bunker seems to illustrate.

The video comes to us from YouTuber shiey. Somehow, this explorer finds a creepy underground passage leading to a tiny, and seriously heavy-duty door. Once opened, he finds a bunker filled with gas masks and other relics of a bygone era.

Even more amazing than the fact the bunker still exists is the fact that it still has power!

We are just assuming that this is Russia since we cannot read some of the words visible on the crates this guy found during the exploration. It appears no one has been inside this bunker or safe house for decades. It makes us wonder, do people even realize it is still there?

In the video's description, he notes that the bunker was hidden in an inhabited area near some apartment buildings. The entrance to the bunker was hidden by some overgrown bushes, trees, and a series of garbage cans. We are guessing he had a tip from someone that the place was in some general area.

The spookiest thing about this video is the fact that the power is still on. How is there still power in a bunker that has not been inhabited for decades? Who is supplying it and why? We suppose those are questions we will never get an answer to. One thing is for sure, this is a cool find and a relic of a turbulent time in world history!

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