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Mysterious Hidden Cabin Found in California's Arcata Community Forest Park [PICS]

A strange, mysterious cabin has been found in Arcata Community Forest Park.

Who built this little cabin way back in the woods?

Forest workers found a remote cabin on park lands that is quite a mystery. Who made this cabin and for what purpose are still unknown

Mad River Union

The cabin is all but invisible until you are 12 feet away from it. The size is eight by twelve feet and close to fifteen feet tall.

This cabin builder really wanted to keep his creation a secret.

Mad River Union

The cabin has a concrete block foundation and everything you would expect from a backcountry getaway.

There is a sleeping loft, windows, and a wood stove. The heavy objects had to be transported by foot in secret to this location. No trails were leading to or from this little hideaway.

Can you imagine moving all of the building materials and other items on your back without anyone noticing you?

Mad River Union

Many of us dream of such a place, and this builder made one in secret. The cabin area was very clean and there were no signs of litter. Everything has its place.

Mad River Union

Where did it go? You are looking at it. This cabin builder did a great job at hiding the hard work from prying eyes.

Sadly, the area will be logged out soon. The cabin will be no more. The contents will be packed out if the owner has not claimed them for storage.

It will be reduced to inspiration, though illegal dwellings on unapproved property isn't the way to go. Play by the rules, and a tiny cabin like this could be the perfect spot to get away from it all.


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Mysterious Hidden Cabin Found in California's Arcata Community Forest Park [PICS]