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Pat Sajak Mocks Arguments for Gun Control on Twitter


Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, made his thoughts on gun control known via social media.

In the aftermath of the ATF’s desire to push for a 5.56 ammunition ban (which has since been halted after an influx of public comment), Pat Sajak took to Twitter to voice his opinion.

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The tweet was presumably made in response to President Obama’s vow to do whatever he could to help control gun, even if it meant going against Congressional opinion.

It can be argued that Sajak made a great point that has reached many people on both sides of the gun control issue. Will anyone listen, or take his satirical message to heart?

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It’s worth pointing out this other tweet from late 2014, in which Sajak seems to tee up his intentions for the year 2015.

So much for that resolution…

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Pat Sajak Mocks Arguments for Gun Control on Twitter