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5 Reasons to Join the National Rifle Association Today [PICS]

Washington Post

Why join the N.R.A? Here are 5 reasons why you need to today.

The National Rifle Association is a group that you need to be a part of. Here are just five reasons.

5. Their Mission

The National Rifle Association is the American gun owner's largest political force to fight for our Second Amendment Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. They are working for you, why not be a part of them?

Washington Post


4. Magazines

The National Rifle Association publishes magazines that are free to the members. You can pick from "American Hunter," "American Rifleman," and many other publications and media. A wealth of knowledge is waiting there for you.

National Rifle Association


3. Sportsmen's Rights

The National Rifle Association also fights for sportsmen's rights. It is not all about "black guns and banana clips." Even if you only own an old lever action Winchester that was your grandfather's rifle, the N.R.A. is fighting to protect your rights to own that heirloom. That home protection gun is also in danger. Anti-gun laws affect everyone negatively if we don't intervene.

Flag of the United States of America


2. N.R.A. Members-Only Discounts

Who doesn't love discounts?

NRA Annual Meeting
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1. N.R.A = America

We are fortunate enough to have such a large political force as the National Rifle Association as we do in this country. Many European countries have not had this type of backing and have lost their firearms' rights. Hunters were disarmed and their cries went unanswered.

The American hunter, recreational shooter, and all citizens have a right to defend themselves and their choice of what to use to do so. It shouldn't be decided by a politician in a suit with anti-Constitutional agendas. It's time we stand up and support the National Rifle Association by joining today.



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5 Reasons to Join the National Rifle Association Today [PICS]