This New Action Cam is Perfect for Hunting and Fishing and Will Put Other POV Cams to Shame

GoXtreme Action Cameras have busted on to the scene, and if you are an outdoorsman... you need one.

Whether hunting, fishing, or just being immersed in the outdoors, we all love to catch those memories on film to reminisce on forever. But often times self-filming is difficult, and camera equipment can cost an arm and a leg.

But I have a fix for both of those problems, and it is the Blackhawk 4k from GoXtreme Action Cams.

I want to run you through a few reasons I'm happy with the Blackhawk 4k camera and why I think it needs to be added to your hunting bag and outdoor arsenal.

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As I mentioned earlier, camera equipment can be expensive. But this is an incredibly affordable price point that anyone can swing and it is much cheaper than other alternatives on the market. At just $299, the Blackhawk 4K is $100 less than GoPro's equivalent flagship camera.

Not only is it $100 cheaper, but it comes with a substantial amount of added accessories and has the exact same resolution capabilities as the Go Pro 5. Which is TRUE 4k video at 30 frames per second.

POV Action Cameras

Therefore, the camera is not lacking in quality, yet $100 cheaper and more accessories included. Which is pretty remarkable. I have filmed my waterfowl hunts, fishing adventures, and many other activities for over four years now using a GoPro. And I can assure you, the GoXtreme is an equivalent in quality, yet more affordable. The 4K video and pictures are incredible and the camera will be a staple in my hunting pack this year.

More accessories, incredible quality, yet a fraction of a price? How is that possible, I am not sure, but I am not one to complain.

Video Quality

As mentioned above, the camera's video quality is impeccable in 4K. Below is a side by side comparison of the Blackhawk filming right next to the leading competitors product. As you can see, the Blackhawk is able to bring more clarity, color, and life to the field of view to make it most closely resemble what your eyes are actually seeing.

After using the camera on a few river trips, I am simply blown away.

Needless to say I am excited to see some largemouth's exiting the water and some vibrant green headed mallards dropping into to decoys on the Blackhawk's footage this fall.

User Friendly

This is one of my favorite things about the Blackhawk. It is insanely user friendly compared to other POV cameras I have used while hunting.

The built in 2? display screen puts framing of shots, playback of images and videos at your fingertips while built-in WiFi allows for quick and easy downloading, viewing and sharing of files when used with any Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. Easily allowing you to watch your hunts and then simply sending them to buddies with the WiFi feature.

POV Action Cameras

I am just a guy who loves to hunt, and have had to learn the tech side of the things along the way. So, simple is always better in my book. And when you are in your "adventure", you want a camera that is easy to use. The menus, buttons, and structure make it all very simple to operate. And the 2" screen makes for easy navigation to where you know what you are doing at all times with the cam.


Being an outdoorsman is often going to lead you to some tough terrain, rough situations, and into the elements. Another great thing I like about the Blackhawk camera is it seems well put together and durable. The cameras itself, as well as the accessories.

The waterproof housing is seal-able and strong, and will allow you to film down to 180 feet. Will I ever get close to using that benefit? Probably not, but it is nice to know it is there. At least I know I can have it filming and going while the rain is coming down on a duck hunt and not have to worry about the camera not functioning properly.

I mean if the Irish Wingsuit Team is using the GoXtreme Blackhawk camera successfully and having no problems at 35,000 feet, I would say it is beyond capable of catching this country boy's hunting and fishing adventures.

POV Action Camera

Don't Believe Me? Buy One and See For Yourself!

I am one of those people who would rather take my own word for it, rather than believe someone else's. That is why I broke down and got a Blackhawk 4k Action Camera even though I had been using a GoPro for years. And I have been beyond pleased so far.

Above were just some of the main tipping points that helped me seal deal, and some of the things that have impressed me so far.

Not to mention some smaller details like the built in mic picking up audio better, and the battery seeming to stay charged longer, and little things of that nature.

Maybe you aren't sold yet, and that is fine. But as you see this camera become more and more popular, and you see the crystal clear footage of people's hunts flash across your news feed this season, you can't say I didn't say so. The Blackhawk 4K needs to be in your outdoor arsenal!

If you want to know more capabilities or specifics on GoXtreme cameras, make sure to visit their site here. Here's the Amazon link.

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