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The Ultimate Gift for the Whitetail Hunter in Your Life for Only $30


Simply put, this hunting tool is hands down my favorite piece of equipment. And it's cheap!

Here's the deal... and it's something you know all to well. Hunting is not cheap. The industry is full of overpriced items. We all know it, but we also all love the equipment, so we go ahead and throw our wallets at it.

But this deer season, I found a product that is worth every single penny you pay for it. And compared to other items on the market, it isn't much at all!

That product is the Boneview SD Card Reader. Now, card readers have been a thing of the past. The technology isn't necessarily a new buzz, but the Boneview product itself is game-changing: a simple phone attachment that is available for both Iphone and Android products.


Convenient, incredibly user friendly, and a customer service group that exceeded my expectations for a company. Oh, and if it doesn't get any sweeter, they are only $30 and they provide free shipping. I didn't stutter, $30. That is less than a tank of gas these days. And instead of fuel to burn, you get an attachment that will single handily help you scout, prepare, and understand the deer in your area better.

Here is how me and some hunting buddies have benefited from our Boneviews.

Instead of sneaking in and pulling cams early to try to decide if you should be hunting that spot, on the way in, stop by the cameras, put the SD card in the attachment and begin to check the pictures. If no deer sign, or you don't see what you want, you can simply back out and move to plan B instead of wasting an entire hunt.

The other side of that is, if you check two cameras on the way to your stands, the intel the pictures can provide will give you an edge on which location you need to be in.

This year personally, I used my Boneview on a hunt, and while in the tree I scrolled the pics of an SD card I had just pulled. Within seconds I had seen that there was a mature deer I had history with in the area frequently. Hours later at last light he slipped through and the rest was history. And I was sold on this product.img_47511

Another great feature, and probably my favorite thing about the Boneview, is it links straight to your phone. Let's be honest, what would we do without our phones these days? So much potential at our fingertips and literally our whole lives on file. Specifically pictures.

With the Boneview, you swipe right until you have a picture that interest you from your camera. That huge target buck you have been after pops on your screen. Simply tap the picture, save it, and send it to your hunting buddies that instant to show him off. An incredible feature.

And lastly, when you run as many trail cameras as we do, the abundance of pictures and data can be overwhelming. Once you save the picture to your phone, you can simply form folders in your gallery and neatly organize all your photos into location specific folders. Organization is much easier to achieve with this, guaranteed.

This helps you keep track of the bucks using your area, and important details of time and movement that can help you harvest that big buck.


You can either fight the growth of technology, or jump on board and use awesome products like this to bring more success to your hunting seasons. And for crying out loud, only a $30 investment to give it a chance? There are not many things in this world that you can get for under $30.

We promise, this will change your life as a whitetail hunter who loves checking trail cams.

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The Ultimate Gift for the Whitetail Hunter in Your Life for Only $30