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14 Instagram Huntresses and the Big Bucks They've Harvested This Fall

instagram huntresses
Courtney Sweetser Smith / Instagram

These 14 bucks deserve a look, and the huntresses who put a tag on them a follow.

It's great to see some big bucks dropping this fall. And for each of these lucky lady hunters, they tagged out on some truly impressive animals. Whether it be a whitetail or a muley, these mature bucks definitely deserve some admiration and applause.

Here's a great collection of harvested bucks, all tagged by incredible female hunters. This is what hunting is all about.

(And in case you're wondering, these deer are in no particular order. They're all number one in our eyes!)

1. Nikki Boxler

A photo posted by Nikki Boxler (@nikkiboxler) on

2. Taylor Altom

A photo posted by Taylor Altom (@tayloraltom) on

3. Kendall Jones

4. Rachelle Hedrick

5. Sallie Doty

6. Amanda Helms

7. Danielle Louanne

8. Joni Bond

A photo posted by Joni ( on

9. Jayden Sosnowski

10. Cierra Nicole

11. Amber McCullar Girardeau

12. Sammy Reigs

A photo posted by Sammy (@sammy_reigs2) on

13. Courtney Sweetser Smith

14. Megan

How was that for some deer-spiration? Each of these women deserve a tip of the old hunting hat for getting the job done on some impressive bucks.

Give these Instagram huntresses a follow. They definitely know their stuff.

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14 Instagram Huntresses and the Big Bucks They've Harvested This Fall