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This Giant Dog Pool Party Had One Really Awkward Guest

Have you ever held a dog pool party? It's a great way for dogs to cool off when the temperatures warm up. Burning off energy in the pool is also a great way to avoid heatstroke. Pups of all shapes and sizes can join in the fun, and if your dog isn't a strong swimmer, they can don a doggie life vest for added safety. No one wants to be left out!  If you have a pool at home, you can invite friends over to splash and play with your pup, but if you don't, you can always head to the dog park or find a doggie daycare with a pup pool.

A viral video from Happy Tails Facebook page shows a huge group of pups swimming and playing in the pool. Anyone can see that they absolutely love this pool.  They can swim laps, have plenty of pool toys, and there is a ladder for safe entry and exits. What's not to love? Well, one pup wasn't quite feeling the party vibe. While all the other pooches are swimming and playing around her, she seems to be rooted to the spot. Apparently, this sweet pup is a master in the art of balancing on her hind legs in the water, and it's hilarious to watch.

But don't worry, she's not miserable. According to the comments on the video, she does get in and swim but also takes this "standing" approach from time to time.

While a doggy pool party looks like a lot of fun, you should consider a few things before putting out an invite. First, consider how the pups will get along with one another. While dogs are pretty social creatures, not all pups like each other. Also, not all pups have the same training. Therefore, it's best to start with a small group of dogs who are all well-socialized and well-behaved. Then, introduce each dog individually in a small gathering, and keep all of the dogs leashed. Be sure to watch for any signs that a dog is getting uncomfortable or stressed by the situation, and separate a dog if he needs some time to calm down.

When you decide to let the dogs get into the pool, make sure that you have plenty of people around to help supervise. The dogs will need a way into and out of the pool; the one in this video features a wooden staircase that the dogs can use. Have some toys ready that you can throw into the pool, and get ready to have a great dog party!

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This article was originally published on June 18, 2016.

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